If you are a small landholder or acreage owner interested in having a family cow – a cow to “mow” your grass, a cow to provide your family with home-raised organic milk or beef, or a cow to teach the children about caring for animals – then look no further than a Canadian Dexter cow from Applejack Ranch.

Our Dexter calves come ready for the small landholder. They are:

  • Halter broken for easier handling and management
  • Chondrodysplasia-free (they do not carry the gene for dwarfism)

Dexters are small and easy to care for. They need about half the space an average cow requires, and about half the amount of feed. With adequate food, water and shelter, Dexters thrive in almost any climate.

For the 4-H member. If your child is in 4-H Cattle Club, consider a Dexter animal from Applejack Ranch.

The small size of the animal makes them easier for a child to handle. But the real draw is in the consistent meat quality and dress-out percentage – Dexters deliver what 4-H judges are grading for.

Call Applejack Ranch to find out more about the benefits of Dexter cattle for the small landholder.