Increasingly, urban consumers are looking for more from their food – more quality, more health consciousness, more taste and value. They want to know where their food is coming from and are willing to pay more for organic and identity preserved products.

At Applejack Ranch, we are responding to this movement. Our Dexter cattle are naturally organic, meaning no drugs or hormones are used in their production, and they produce excellent meat and dairy products that deliver both quality and value.

On the dairy side, Dexter milk is 4% butterfat, a small fat globule milk that is easily digested, particularly good for infants and people with digestive problems.

On the beef side, because they’re smaller, Dexters produce smaller cuts of meat – something consumers are starting to look for more often. Meat from Dexter cattle is well marbled, consistently grades Canada AA or AAA and is lean, tender and juicy. It has outstanding flavour and there is minimal carcass waste: a whole animal, processed, will fit in a smaller freezer.